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Welcome to The Realms Networks where no matter what your hosting and development needs are your search ends with us. Combined we have over 50 years in hosted infrastructure and web application development.

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Most providers utilize a single server and put thousands of web sites on that single server for shared hosting. This causes performance issues and creates a single point of failure for your site. One small thing goes wrong, and your site gets knocked offline. Our shared hosting platform is built from the ground up to provide "always on" hosting. Using our vast expertise in building clouds we built redundancy into every level of our shared hosting platform. Multiple servers handle the requests for every site and multiple database servers act as one ensuring that your site will never have to compete for the attention from the servers it rightly deserves. Plans start at just $25 per month.

What happens when you grow out of shared hosting? Do you move to a VPS and then a Dedicated Server and then a Cluster and then… well you get the point! Growing a site shouldn’t be painful. You should be able to grow your site without the pain of moving your site and having downtime time and time again. Our shared, dedicated and cluster platform are all interconnected so when your site grows the platform grows with it. This means virtually zero downtime when it is time to upgrade or downgrade your services. In the event that your site has to be moved (it does happen on occasion, even with our platform) our white-glove approach to dedicated and cluster hosting means you will never have to worry about it. We will move your site, update your content and databases if needed, and confirm that your site is working as intended. This service does not just apply to content moves either! All of our dedicated and cluster packages come with this services included. We run the platform; you worry about your content. If your web application (forum, cms, blog, etc) needs to be updated we take care of that for you. You want to add a module to something? Sure we can do that as well. This is white-glove service, and it is what we excel at.


Cloud is one of those buzz words that cannot be defined because its meaning is so varied. It did not start out this way however most companies don’t have the experience to adhere to its most basic definition of “always on” resources. Most of the “cloud” VPS plans you will find elsewhere are missing what we feel are key ingredients to any cloud. Some use local storage (your VPS lives on one server only) or manual failover (when your VPS server goes down, human intervention is required to bring it back up) and that could really impact your quality of service. Our cloud approach is different from all the rest in that regards, we firmly believe that before calling a service a “cloud” it needs to be redundant, resilient, distributed, scalable, automated and most importantly simple to use. We offer a public cloud service, private cloud service, and a build-a-cloud service.

The build-a-cloud service lets you utilize our expertise in a consulting fashion to design, deploy, adapt or critique your own cloud platform within your own environment, or within ours. We have consulted on numerous cloud platforms all over the country for all aspects of business from internal clouds for enterprises to public clouds tailored to a specific application stack. If you find yourself needing to run your own cloud and could use some help let us be your infrastructure team.


Application development is currently undergoing a pretty significant transformation. How are you ever going to keep up with current trends, platforms, mobile devices, and ever scaling databases? That’s easy, let us do it for you. Whether you are in the idea, planning, building, deployment or maintenance stage of your application’s lifecycle you can leverage our expertise to build a better application. We can take your idea or plan from a dream to a scalable multi-platform application. What’s even better than that is that we can do all of that in house, in the same continent as you. You will not have to be around after midnight on a “school night” to ensure that your team of developers is progressing as you want, or to make sure we are translating your idea into an application properly. We have a network of “top shelf” developers that we rely on to get the project done on time, on budget and most importantly in line with your dream.

We can develop the back end of applications in PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, C++ and many other languages. Our client side (web, mobile, desktop) applications generally are done with HTML/CSS/JQuery, VB/VC/.NET, Java and Python. This is not a complete listing of what we are capable of, just some examples of the industry standards we have expertise in. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or are confused by all the abbreviations and just want your dream to become real contact us for more information!

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